Latest News

Although I haven't blogged in a while I want to assure you that I'm still in business and doing fine. For those who haven't heard I've started a new company with 3 friends I knew in graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin. Our office goes by the name Element 5 Architecture and we've been operating for over two years now. I still do the same kind of work - green, modern residential architecture at a reasonable cost and budget. However, we're now able to do larger projects too. Please give me a call if you have a project you'd like to talk about!

Here are a few images of the work we've been doing as Element 5 Architecture:


An Update of Latest Work

Images above are for the Winflo Residence, a 3,200 sf house in Clarkesville (central Austin).


Compact Home with Screened Pool

This house was recently featured on Houzz.com. The owner is a widow who owns a 28 acre ranch near Georgetown, TX and rescues doogs and cats to be adopted. The house has a wonderful connection to the outdoors and the living room directly opens up to a screened-in pool. See more comtemporary homes on my website.


House Featured on Houzz.com


Crestview Residence

3-story 2,200 sf, single family home with two separate carports.


Wanguhu Residence Featured in Houzz Article


Hologram Technology in Architecture

Nick Mehl Architecture is exploring new ways to present designs to our client. We've recently created a hologram for one of our projects and it will be on display at the Ask an Architect event this Saturday, Oct. 22 at BoConcept downtown. We worked with Zebra Imaging who creates a three dimensional print onto a special kind of plastic sheet and with the use of a certain light source the hologram acheives it's 3D projection. The image shown he is just one of the many angles Zebra Imaging looks at when producing the hologram.