Hologram Technology in Architecture

Nick Mehl Architecture is exploring new ways to present designs to our client. We've recently created a hologram for one of our projects and it will be on display at the Ask an Architect event this Saturday, Oct. 22 at BoConcept downtown. We worked with Zebra Imaging who creates a three dimensional print onto a special kind of plastic sheet and with the use of a certain light source the hologram acheives it's 3D projection. The image shown he is just one of the many angles Zebra Imaging looks at when producing the hologram.


Ask an Architect

Nick Mehl Architecture will be one of 11 architects participating in the Ask an Architect event at BoConcept downtown, Oct. 22. Thinking of hiring an architect but have questions? Want to meet several architects at once? Hey, at least it's free coffee and discounted breakfast tacos!


The Move is Complete

Our office has moved to share an office space with five other architects in a centrally located 1950's retail space (see image). We're very excited to be working in a collaborative environment and this will offer new opportunities for accepting bigger projects.